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Tahukah Tuan Puan akan keunikan Metro Guangzhou Line 1?

Uniknya Metro Guangzhou di Line 1 ialah setiap 16 stesennya mempunyai desin dan konsep yang berbeza-beza. Walaupun pada asalnya idea ini sangat unik dan kreatif, namun pihak pengurusan terpaksa menanggung kos selenggaraan yang tinggi. Line 1 telah mula beroperasi pada tahun 1997.

Kini, pihak Guangzhou Metro Corporation sedang melakukan proses naiktaraf dan baik pulih fasiliti di semua stesen-stesen di Line 1. Salah satu objektif yang mahu dicapai adalah agar semua stesen mempunyai desin yang sama dan seragam. Olah mereka lagi, untuk jangka masa panjang, keseragaman stesen memerlukan kos selenggaraan yang lebih rendah.

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Cement is seen after dismantling of tiles on a pillar.(Guangzhou Daily)

The Guangzhou Metro Corporation has announced an investment of 92.77 million Yuan on revamping the interior of all stations along line 1. The need was initially brought to light by a student from Guangzhou No. 16 Middle School by collecting passengers’ signatures. The case soon aroused a discussion between the masses and the metro company.

The metro’s line 1 was put into operation in June of 1997. Its design is unique and the differences are recognizable because the “one station one design” motif has only been in place since the building of line 2. After 14 years of operation, some wall tiles have been destroyed and the facility is aging.

The diversification of design increases the cost of daily maintenance. This time the three-year construction is planned to change all the line’s 16 stations into one style and one color, making it safer, economic and conformed.

The metro company, a state-own enterprise, claimed all the money will be funded internally. The renovation, including replacing the tiles on the faces of walls and pillars, renewing fire hydrants, moving advertising LEDs as well as exchanging energy-saving lights and rebuilding ceilings. Handrails, drainage and vents will also be revamped.

The media and populace have questioned the cost of changing all the stations into one style. Media research tried to find decoration materials in the wholesale market and found it easy to fit the damaged walls. The metro company said the materials are similar but must be cut into the right shape. They consider the maintenance cost to be higher than the reconstruction in the long term.

Many people suggested that the metro invest money on improved services, such as installing toilets and elevators. In response the metro company said they only had about 96 million Yuan available for decorating line 1 and the duration of the operation is too short to renew utilities. The input will be an overall change of line 1. Some stations have nearly finished their reconstruction.

(By Jessie Huang, Stephen Roberts)

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