Info On Guangzhou: Part 1

December 21, 2010 No Comments by

Among Malaysians, Beijing and Shanghai are probably ringing “more” bells than Guangzhou. Therefore, we would like to take the honor to introduce you the metropolitan city of Guangzhou or famously known as Canton.

Guangzhou is located in the Southern part of China, in the Province of Guangdong. The weather is not too hot neither too cold, hence it is known as The Flower City. This world class trading hub is very populous. It is estimated that there are 6 million people residing in the city. Geographically, Guangzhou city is part of the Pearl River Delta. The time zone is similar with Malaysia, UTC +8.

What is Guangzhou famous for? Of course, none other than the China Import and Export Fair or better known as Canton Fair. The international event was first initiated in 1957 and held twice a year, April and October. There is where manufacturers all over China gather to meet up with their prospective clients from around the globe. These time of the year are considered as “peak-season” and hotels rates will increase higher than usual.