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Review from The Pink Stilettos . Thank you Cik Puan Iza for the great piece of article.

Did you notice there are TONS of blogshops nowadays? It’s like a trend or something. I’m not talking about “personal blogshops” like my Shopper’s Sanctuary. Most of the items there are either pre-loved or items that I purchased from the stores myself and later decided I don’t want them anymore. It’s mainly a place to get rid of my unwanted stuff.

I’m talking about blogshops that sell brand new clothes, bags, accessories, baby apparels, shoes, toys, etc. The kind that looks like they come straight from a factory or something – like if they’re selling clothes, they come in a few sizes, colors, etc.

Some blogshops even sell the exact items like baby apparels and I’ve always wondered where the heck did these people get them from?? And how much profit do they actually make because most of the items are so cheap!

I was surprised to find out that you can actually make a lot of profit by selling stuff online. I’m not just saying 100% profit – much much much more than that! But not many people are making a lot of profits tho. According to a survey conducted at, from 128 respondents, 69.8% are doing business with a profit margin below 50% and only 6.6% have profit margin over 100%. NONE of them are doing business with profit margins above 200%!

If you fancy the idea of having an online business but you don’t know how to start or where to get your supplies from, listen up because I’m about to share with you how you can do so and make profit margins of up to 200% and more!

Great Minds Group Sdn Bhd is a team that educates entrepreneurs to venture their businesses by buying directly from suppliers in Guangzhou and Saigon, which are the two most prosperous cities with traders and business owners from all over the world. They conduct courses called Guangzhou 101 and Saigon 101 for those who are interested to get to know about business opportunities available in China and Vietnam.

Participants of Guangzhou 102 in front of Plaza OneLink, Wholesale Market for Accessories

Some of the modules include preparation before going, how to budget your first wholesale purchase, tips and tricks of doing business and product samples that you can get from China/Vietnam.

A lot of home-based businessmen/women have started their small business by joining their wholesale trips, mainly Guangzhou 101 and Saigon 102. The great news is, it doesn’t take a big capital to start this business! RM3,000 -RM5,000 is good enough for a start.

They don’t only show you where the Wholesale Markets are, they will also guide you on how to travel using public transports mainly the Guangzhou Metro to reach all the major wholesale markets, as well as Halal Restaurants around Guangzhou. But don’t expect you’d be traveling on an air-conditioned-charted buses or vans tho. This is not a vacation to rest and relax! It’d be an adventurous experience and the method they use is called “Survivor Mode”. As a pioneer of this method, they believe that to succeed in the business of importing goods from abroad, you need to know the city well and there’s no other way to know a place than knowing how to travel around the city using public transport. You’ll feel more confident and can travel like a pro the second time you come to the city on your own to do your business! After all, real adventure and sweats are for real entrepreneurs!

Tuan Shuaib, the Lead Trainer of Guangzhou 102 is giving a brief talk
at the Metro Station in Guangzhou. That’s how Survivor Mode works. (below)

You can read some of the experiences and testimonials from those who have joined this program here:

Guangzhou 102 April 2011 – The entrepreneurs are smiling happily after
having scrumptious dinner at one of the Halal Restaurants in Guangzhou

“Kursus pendedahan perniagaan yang boleh dibukukan! Semua pengisian adalah pengalaman yang sebenar dan beserta bukti kukuh. Melalui kursus ini, peserta diberi pendedahan kaedah dan rahsia Bisnes Borong China yang tidak pernah diketahui sebelum ini” – Tuan Johari Ariffin.

“Sangat berbaloi wang yang saya laburkan di dalam Kursus ini. Saya akan mempromosikan kepada ahli keluarga dan rakan-rakan untuk sertai Kursus ini, amat menguntungkan bukan sahaja ilmu dunia tapi akhirat jua! Terima kasih banyak-banyak” – Cik Puan Roziah Ghazali.

“Perkara yang paling berguna dipelajari adalah ilmu perniagaan berkonsepkan Islamik seperti doa dan konsep tidak bersaing. Kursus ini yang pertama memperkenalkan konsep Survivor Mode, sangat bagus untuk peniaga baru memulakan perniagaan” – Cik Puan Azlina.

And now they are having their first ever contest and you can stand a chance to win a trip to Guangzhou and Saigon, and other exciting prizes worth RM4,000! Here’s how to:

1) “Like” Great Minds Training and Consultancy Facebook page at
2) Write a blog post in not more than 300 words that begins with “Destinasi Borong Pilihan saya ialah….” (yes, you must have a blog to join this). You can choose any destinations in the world that you like, not necessarily Guangzhou and Saigon.
3) Include this footer at the end of your blog entry: (please copy-paste from the original entry of the contest)

For more details about this contest, log on to

Well even if you don’t feel like going to Guangzhou or Saigon for business purposes but you’re a blogger who loves contests and freebies, you can just try your luck – just for fun! They have tons of other prizes like Al-Quran Pen Reader and tickets to their Guangzhou 101 and Saigon 101 courses. The trips to Guangzhou and Saigon are even transferable – you can “transfer” your name to anyone you know who is interested. Do read the FAQ about the contest.

Just for your info, there was an article about Great Minds Training and Consultancy and the contest in NUR magazine’s May 2011 issue. You might wanna check it out!

You can contact Great Minds Group at Or better yet, just register your email in the box below to receive their Newsletter – The Great Guangzhou News:

It’s high time for you to change the way you do your business (or even start a new one) so why not do it the Great Minds way!

Siapakah Great Minds Group?

Kami adalah syarikat latihan dan perundingan keusahawanan yang menawarkan kursus Guangzhou 101 iaitu Kursus Borong China khas untuk para usahawan yang berminat untuk memborong barangan terus dari negara China. Selain itu kami juga menganjurkan Trip Borong China atau dikenali sebagai Guangzhou 102. Untuk maklumat lanjut berkenaan program yang kami tawarkan, sila layari laman web kami diĀ sini.

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